Be A Purple Squirrel To Get Hired In-House

Purple Squirrel

Want a plum in-house counsel job? Or a coveted GC job? Be a purple squirrel! Many in-house jobs require a combination of skill sets and are not like Biglaw jobs that are often siloed into narrow practice areas or transaction types.

“A recent article on the rise of hybrid jobs caught my attention. It refers to new types of jobs that require non-traditional pairings of skill sets. In particular, when the author discussed the term “purple squirrels,” it brought back memories! This term is commonly used in the staffing industry. It refers to people with a rare combination of skill sets. So rare, it takes a ridiculous amount of effort to identify and hire them. If you’ve ever worked in recruiting, then you’ve likely dealt with a hiring manager who’s asked for the impossible.”

Read: Why Every Job Seeker Should Strive to Be a ‘Purple Squirrel’ in 2019 at

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