How To Land Your Remote Dream Job

Your Remote Dream Job

Your remote dream job may be closer than you think, as more and more companies have learned to operate in a virtual environment. There are no bright sides to the pandemic, especially the hardships endured due to prolonged “shelter in place” orders and numerous lockdowns. In some cases, out of adversity comes opportunity, and the proliferation of remote legal jobs has astounded both candidates and legal recruiters who serve them. More and more in-house counsel job postings are featuring the ability to work completely remote, and others provide a hybrid model that allows for a mix of remote and periodic on-site work.

What does this mean for actual or aspiring in-house counsel? The job market has expanded and the opportunities to work for companies of interest may no longer depend on your willingness to uproot your life, family and daily routine to a new geography, climate and way of life. As most States permit in-house counsel licensure without draconian requirements, existing and aspiring in-house counsel need to expand their searches to other States and jurisdictions where their skills may be in demand and where compensation and benefits packages may outpace those offered in the local job market. Landing a remote legal job will take skills, and you will need to brush up on remote interview techniques, but the effort may be well worth it.

“Remote work opportunities were on the rise before the COVID-19 pandemic, and now these opportunities are more widely offered. Work-from-home opportunities are here to stay and it’s likely more job seekers will be seeking these opportunities out. While it’s good to have options, there will be a lot of competition for remote work positions. Here are three tips to make yourself a stand-out candidate for a remote work position.”

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