Landing a Remote Job – 5 Skills You Will Need

Landing a Remote Job

Landing a remote job may be part of the New Normal. Many companies will turn to remote hiring to decrease risk and cut costs, and have learned during this period that they are able to operate more effectively than they thought in a remote manner. Some trailblazing companies have been operating remotely for many years. With the effects of the pandemic rippling throughout the world, the chance that your next job may be a remote job has gone up dramatically. This will have it own set of pros and cons, but to stay competitive in the remote in-house counsel job marketplace it is best to be prepared to show you can make effective contributions to a company on a remote basis. Don’t forget to prepare for the remote job interview!

“As more companies transition teams to remote arrangements, managers and employees are learning firsthand that it takes a different skill set to work from home. And for those that are hiring right now, they’re looking for employees who can show that they’ve got what it takes to work from home right out of the gate…These are five skills remote employees need to possess, as well as how you can prove to an employer that you’re a good candidate:”

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