Regular Exercise Will Make You Feel as Good as a $25,000 Raise

Regular exercise will make you feel as good as a $25,000 raise – wow! For those who have recently lost their jobs, it may be time to re-double your exercise efforts to establish and maintain your mental health while you look for your next gig. In-house hiring will continue during Covid-19 and its aftermath, as the job market moves to a New Normal that is not yet defined.

“We all know that exercise is great for your physical health. But experts insist it’s important for your mental health too. Just how important? New research out of Yale and the University of Oxford puts exact numbers to just how much happier you’ll be if you start a regular exercise routine. You’ll be surprised at just how large they are. This wasn’t just some small, preliminary study. The team crunched numbers on the habits of 1.2 million Americans, asking participants to both describe in detail their physical activity, including everything from lawn mowing to weight lifting, as well as to report how many days in the past month they felt mentally unwell due to stress, depression, or other reasons. The results were recently published in the prestigious journal The Lancet, and as Business Insider recently reported, the connection between regular workouts and better mental health was crystal clear.”

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