Your Work From Home Life – 7 Optimizing Apps

Your Work From Home Life

Your work from home life likely differs significantly from your pre-pandemic environs, but you must make the most of it. Remote workers must optimize productivity and, fortunately, there are apps for that. Don’t forget to take some breaks when you can – they may not be the same breaks you took before – but important nonetheless.

“All right, so my quarantine-time transition might not be as dramatic as some, at least when it comes to work hours. I’ve been working from home for over a decade, so the widespread shift to virtual workplaces has been relatively seamless for me. That doesn’t mean I’ve had no adjustment, though. Mine’s just been happening little by little for years. And if there’s one thing I’ve learned during that time, it’s that keeping yourself organized, efficient, and at least somewhat sane while merging your personal and professional worlds takes effort. And having the right tech tools in front of you goes a long way in making it easier. Below are seven apps that have proven to be invaluable for me in my own work-from-home environment.”

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