PwC Sets Out Its AI-Powered NewLaw Strategy

Beware bean-counters bearing bromides of bliss and the banishment of boring:

“Everyone knows that Big Four accountancy and consulting giant PwC has a legal arm and that it is growing week by week. In fact, it’s at over 3,500 legal staff globally now. But, many may not appreciate they are also developing a ‘NewLaw’ arm, assisted by AI technology. And it’s growing…‘We believe lawyers should practice law and not be burdened by mundane and repetitive work,’ says Giverin. ‘So we work with large companies to benchmark, advise, design and implement efficient and cost-effective legal processes using innovative technology so that the in-house lawyers can focus their talents on supporting the growth and protection of the business.’”

Read: PwC Sets Out Its AI-Powered NewLaw Strategy at Artificial Lawyer

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