Trends That May Define Your In-House Career

Your In-House Career

Your in-house career may have taken a hit or an unexpected turn during the pandemic, but there are reasons to look ahead and keep up on trends that may impact your personal and career trajectories. In-house counsel job openings are surging, as companies are starting to see light at the end of the tunnel at the same time as they grapple with new and unique issues, a changing political environment and the possibility of significant  to regulatory and tax regimes. A significant increase in GC and CLO jobs has also arrived at the same time as many legal jobs are going fully remote. Stay tuned to the latest trends as the legal job you may have in the future may look a lot different than what it did in pre-pandemic times.

“We have reason to be sanguine about the prospects for 2021. Yet, we unfortunately still need to contend with a lot of the lingering problems from 2020. Issues like the global pandemic, economic downturn, continued pressure on the climate, and corporate consolidation still loom large on the horizon. While those complicated issues are the sign of our times, those issues may help you focus your in-house career. Indeed, knowledge of the current trends points you to what might be most important to in-house employers now and in the next few years….You want to distinguish yourself from others when looking for that next in-house role. Aligning your practice area development with long term business needs is one component of successful career planning. Thus, being in tune with the trends impacting U.S. companies and how you have secured the practice area expertise would be a strong arrow in your quiver when interviewing for that next in-house career opportunity.”

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