Unposted In-House Job Opportunities – How To Find Them

Unposted Job Opportunities

Unposted in-house job opportunities exist, and an in-house counsel job searcher should make a point of keeping these in mind when trying to land an in-house counsel job. Job boards can be a great tool to find jobs that are already public, but these jobs often attract huge amounts of attention quickly. Adding unposted job opportunities to your search list will expand your pool and often unearth unique and unexpected opportunities at companies and organizations that may not even be on your radar. Another fertile source of unposted job opportunities are legal recruiters – they often have longstanding relationships with companies and know what a law department’s hiring needs will be well in advance of a job being advertised. Using all available angles is key to success. Also remember that perhaps an unintended (and welcome) result of the pandemic has been that many companies have gotten used to working in a remote manner, so regardless of where you are located, you may now be considered for remote legal jobs that once were nearly impossible to find.

“If you’re looking for a job, your first step may be to peruse job boards. While it’s a tried-and-true method, a growing number of jobs are “hidden,” as more companies move to employee referrals and professional networks for sourcing qualified candidates more quickly, according to a study by Jobvite. If you don’t have an inside connection, you may think finding these leads is a matter of pure luck. However, it’s possible to get into the talent pipeline via the hiring manager’s inbox…“The reality is that a lot of markets and industries are in constant flux and chaos,” says Ivan Shovkoplias…“Many companies reorganize slower than needs appear, and openings aren’t anticipated by managers. Also, the infrastructure for job listings is not up to speed with what companies need. The world is changing faster than the tools.””

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