Attorney Burnout: 4 Traps to Avoid

Attorney Burnout

Attorney burnout is a risk faced by all lawyers – in-house and outside counsel alike. It’s something that most lawyers face at some point in their careers, if not at multiple times. One key is identifying things that cause burnout before you engage in them, and proactively working to avoid attorney burnout which will affect all aspects of your lives. Self-care is critical as you are in the driver’s seat for your own physical and mental health, but you must be careful not to miss the warning signs. If you are already in burnout mode, think of ways to turn it around so that you are the best lawyer you can be.

“The road to attorney burnout is the same as the road to success — the difference is attitude and perspective. I burned out after 27 years of being a trial attorney. I thought I was doing everything right. Not so. I was working longer and longer hours and enjoying my practice less and less. I couldn’t sleep and, as a result, I was irritable. I suffered from stress, anxiety and depression, and I felt exhausted mentally, emotionally and physically. It was a classic case of attorney burnout. What I didn’t know was that I did this to myself…..”

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