The Quality Of Your Personal Network Is Key

personal network

When was the last time you evaluated your personal network? As legal recruiters will tell you, the quality of your personal network may be a key factor in furthering your career. Indeed, Amy Rowland of Varia Search recounts many of the important reasons why a solid personal network can assist a lawyer in a variety of ways. Whether it is looking for a legal job, a mentor or working towards leadership positions in organizations you are part of, your network can be a key driver. Can’t stand networking itself? An acting technique may be the answer.

““I wish I had waited longer to build my network,” said no lawyer, ever. Indeed, when lawyers seek my advice about getting a new job with a law firm or a company as in-house counsel, I tell them it’s not just (or even primarily) about having a polished resume or sterling pedigree. The quality of your personal network is paramount. And while most people understand that having a strong network is important to find new job opportunities, often overlooked is the fact that most employers view candidates who have strong networks as an asset.”

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