Which Practice Area Boasts The Smartest Lawyers?

smartest lawyers

Legal Cheek, a venerable publication from across the pond, is seeking comments on which practice areas have the smartest lawyers. It’s time to give your input so that this empirical, double-blind, placebo-controlled study reflects the opinions of the hordes of lawyers practicing in the United States. Yes, let’s put aside any lingering gripes about our country’s maltreatment during the colonial period and focus on today. It’s time to come together in a spirit of unity that exemplifies the special relationship our countries share. Instead of dumping on one another, it’s time to call out practice areas that attract the best and brightest and those that are soon to be replaced by robot overlords.

“Several of our readers went below the line in a recent article about former Clifford Chance lawyer and tax sleuth Dan Neidle’s months-long investigation into the tax affairs of politician Nadhim Zahawi. A specialist in his field…Neidle’s work has lead some of our commenters to claim “tax lawyers are the brightest in the City” and “pretty goddamn smart in comparison to most other City lawyers”. Pensions lawyers are also smart, apparently, and “way above the competency of any banking or corporate lawyers who are simply glorified overpaid transaction managing paper pushers!” Ouch….“Everyone knows that litigation is the brains trust and operate as the de facto department of hard questions. The rest of the firm are great at populating templates.”

Source: Which practice area boasts the smartest lawyers? – Legal Cheek