Lawyer Burnout Still Problematic

Lawyer Burnout

Lawyer burnout decreased slightly from Q4 2021, but it is still a major issue plaguing the profession. As the pandemic recedes, in-house lawyers need to start implementing new tools to mitigate the effects of burnout as we enter the New Normal. As we posted recently, travel and nature can form part of the toolkit. Keeping things simple, and finding new ways to do old things more efficiently to free up additional time can also help. For some, reigniting your professional passion may be in order. Whatever you do, do something. What works for others may not work for you, so keep chipping away and look forward to a productive Q4 and a fresh 2023.

“Attorneys reported less burnout in the first half of this year compared to Q4 2021, but the numbers are still troubling: The 638 attorneys responding to Bloomberg Law’s most recent Workload and Hours survey said that they felt burnout in their jobs an average of 47% of the time in the last six months….However, Q4 2021 was also the first time since the survey’s inception in 2020 that burnout topped 50%. The new survey results actually align more closely with earlier percentages from last year, so the improvement is debatable.”

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