How to Make the Leap from Director of Legal to GC

The Lawyer Whisperer gives her thoughts on how a Director of Legal can make the leap to a GC position.  She also gives the background on typical experience profiles and other factors that you can start evaluating now:

“So as a Director of Legal Affairs, what are your chances of promotion? It depends on a few factors…If you are a more seasoned lawyer with a broader background that includes corporate/securities/IPO and board experience – and have earned the confidence of the execs and the board, you will have a higher likelihood of securing the new title. But if you are a pure commercial lawyer with less than 15 years of experience, you will face some material challenges – as executives just won’t think you are ready for the executive position. But time can be your friend…if you have it. The longer you are in the role, the more opportunity you will have to prove yourself and build relationship equity with the execs and the board.”

Read: What’s the typical background and seniority of a private company GC? I’m the Director of Legal at a startup and want the GC title. Is it doable? at The Lawyer Whisperer

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