Your First 100 Days as a GC

Your First 100 Days as GC

What can you expect in your first 100 days as a GC? Evangelos Apostolou of MLA Global provides his perspective. Still looking for that coveted GC job? Companies are looking for you.

“…for GCs as much as for American presidents, the first 100 days has become a yardstick by which onlookers judge initial success or failure…..Against this maelstrom of definitions and expectations, what then should the incoming GC address in the first 100 days?…For most newly appointed GCs, there is a ‘honeymoon’ phase in the first weeks and months when those around them will generally be supportive and open to a degree of change simply because the GC is new to the role. At a time when being a GC is more challenging than it has ever been, the incoming GC is well advised to see that as important as the first 100 days are, they are neither less nor more important than the ones that come before and after.”

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