Grow Your Career While Working Remotely

Working Remotely

Working remotely has tremendous advantages for work-life balance and more and more companies are offering remote legal jobs whether fully remote, hybrid or another permutation that helps them attract the best candidates. But how does one grow their career when working remotely? If you are not standing in the same room as your clients, will you be taken as seriously as on-site workers? Will being a small square in a Zoom or Teams meeting relegate you to second class status when it comes to career advancement? These are all issues currently being thought through by employers and employees alike. If you haven’t given remote work much thought, you may be shortchanging your own career, as remote legal dream jobs are out there and they are going to transform lifestyles and workstyles for many years to come.

“Hybrid work is the future and millions of workers will have the opportunity to benefit from its terrific advantages—but the dark side of hybrid work may be its damaging effects on career growth, development or advancement. Many companies are seeking to ensure employees have growth opportunities no matter where they work. But it would be naïve to believe organizations can achieve this aim perfectly, quickly or completely…It is possible to build a great career if you’re not working in the office, but the process isn’t automatic. It will require time, effort and investment on your part. But it will be worth it. The opportunity for more flexibility, more control over your schedule and more reward from both work and life mean the investment will pay off in all kinds of ways—career advancement included.”

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