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Are in-house lawyers abysmal writers?

A letter to the editor of the ABA Journal, Aug. 2011 at 7, lambastes the deplorable writing of in-house lawyers. [via: Are in-house lawyers abysmal writers? at the Law Department Management Blog]

Living The Good Life, Lawyer-Style

Did you think gunning to get into the Yales and Harvards of law schools was the way to find happiness? Think again. The National Jurist recently released a survey of law schools ranking them by…

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Katy Perry’s 45-page Contract Rider

Tip of the hat to ContractsProfBlog for finding the latest in celebrity contract riders. Highlights include a “requirement of a spacious dressing room piped or draped in cream or soft pink”. Who knew? [via ContractsProf…

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What Value do In-House Lawyers Produce?

Rees Morrison of the Law Department Management Blog proposes nine propositions that should provoke discussion about what value means in a corporate legal department. Make sure to subscribe to Rees’ blog and pull down a…

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