Stop Trying to Be Perfect and Get More Love

Stop Trying to be Perfect

You will get more love if you stop trying to be perfect. Or so they claim. Embrace your vulnerability and present yourself as someone who is truly human. Does this advice apply to lawyers, especially in the corporate world? Can lawyers change hearts and minds?

“Vulnerability has been viewed as a liability for leaders and in business, a weakness. Leaders attempt to hide their vulnerability. You play games. You act tough. You present sensitive enough yet remain guarded enough to conceal the depth of your insecurities. You think this makes you look more stable. Perhaps, more attractive. You fear that your vulnerabilities will turn others off, and they will see your vulnerabilities as weaknesses. Let me share with you how vulnerability is a key factor in a business leaders’ success…Leader vulnerability and courage go hand in hand…Throughout my corporate career and as a business leader, I experienced many leaders, including myself, avoid these displays of vulnerability like the plague. People fear that they will look weak, people will respect them less or some will be less likely to work hard for them. The whole notion of a leader needs updating. It’s time for leaders to be truly human.”

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