Supercharge Your Career With A Legal Recruiter

Supercharge Your Career

Working with an effective legal recruiter can supercharge your career. Many attorneys believe that finding an in-house counsel job is just as easy as pointing and clicking on job boards. While job boards do form part of an in-house counsel job search, working with a legal recruiter is also something you need as part of your overall plan. Not only do legal recruiters keep their hands on the pulse of the legal industry, their experience and knowledge will open your eyes to opportunities and strategies you may not have considered. Legal recruiters also have extensive networks, with contacts at companies that may be looking for a particular candidate but are not posting their position publicly. Your career path is something that you must keep revisiting, and a legal recruiter can help you look at the long game and chart a path to maximize your opportunities along with the way. Princeton Legal Search Group has recently written an excellent piece on the candidate-recruiter relationship, and it is worth a read whether or not you are currently looking for a new position:

“You have heard the phrase “you get what you give.” Well, that is a truism that informs your legal career search just as much as any other endeavor. Stated otherwise, the more energy and insight you put into your next career move, the more you are likely to get out of that process. And the one thing that can genuinely supercharge the effectiveness of your job search is working with an experienced legal recruiter. We will discuss the nature of the relationship between you as a candidate and your legal recruiter. Then, we will cover some things that you can do to make sure that you are getting the most out of the relationship with your recruiter. After all, you have spent years cultivating your legal competencies, creating a body of work experience, and building your reputation. It is well worth it to give your next career move the time and attention it deserves.”

Read: Getting the Most Out of Your Job Search Through the Candidate-Recruiter Relationship – Princeton Legal Search Group

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