A Legal Recruiter: Your Secret Weapon to Making a Lateral Move

Legal Recruiter

While this article focuses on how a legal recruiter can assist in a job hunt for a lateral move in the law firm environment, a legal recruiter can be an invaluable resource in finding in-house counsel jobs and navigating the in-house counsel job search. If you want to know how to get an in-house counsel job, part of the answer is working with a recruiter. Read on for Darin Morgan’s take on the recruiter’s role. He is a partner with Major, Lindsey & Africa, a well-known recruiter for law firm and in-house positions:

“Many…believe that they can successfully undertake their job search on their own. While this is factually correct—everyone has the ability to hunt for a job and eventually find one—why would you want to venture into unfamiliar waters alone when you can have the guidance of an expert? A legal recruiter wears many hats…Their industry knowledge and connections can ease the stresses of job hunting so that you can focus on your current job while looking for a better one.”

Read: A Legal Recruiter: Your Secret Weapon to Making a Lateral Move at MLAGlobal

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