How to Deal With a Bossy Coworker

Bossy Coworker

Dealing with a bossy coworker? Highly unlikely, right, because you are surrounded by mild-mannered attorneys who rarely voice their opinions. Or, as in many hectic legal departments, you may be dealing with a bossy coworker who makes you want to scream. Check out some tips on how to address the situation:

“Chances are, you’ve experienced a coworker who can’t resist the urge to tell you how to do your job. Micromanagement is bad enough when it comes from a manager, but it’s even worse coming from a peer. A bossy coworker can make life in the workplace frustrating and even difficult. Controlling, bossy people are annoying and frustrating, but with the right mindset and the right attitude you can deal with them effectively. Here are some techniques that can help…”

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