Why Lateral Career Moves Are Actually Power Moves

Lateral Career Moves

Lateral career moves can be power moves just as much as taking a step down the ladder. For many in-house counsel, lateral moves can also involve a move from the legal to business side, which for some can be an eye-opener into their career possibilities. Many in-house counsel find that their skills uniquely suit them for certain positions on the business side, and there are examples aplenty of in-house counsel who have risen to become CEOs of the company’s they formerly served as lawyers.

“Lisa Alteri, Chief People Officer for Kraft Heinz U.S., is a firm believer that big career changes are possible at any point. The keys to success: Lean into your curiosity, and embrace the power of the lateral move. “It’s hard to quell that evil ego,” Alteri says. “In general there’s an obsession about titles because title is associated with status, and that’s where the ego comes in. But you as the individual care so much more about the title than your current or future organization does. And those lateral moves can bring so much more than a title.””

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