Workaholic Lawyer Billed 3,600 Hours Last Year

Workaholic Lawyer

A workaholic lawyer with the last name Bliss? Surely, you jest. But no, this lawyer is loving the law. The sky is the limit, if you do not end up in the ground first, as they say.

“Lawyer Daniel Bliss has an explanation for the 3,600 hours he billed last year. “You know what?” Bliss told the American Lawyer in an interview. “When the sun shines, you have to make hay.” A self-proclaimed workaholic, Bliss is an intellectual property partner at Howard & Howard who works in the firm’s offices in Royal Oak, Michigan, and Las Vegas….Bliss told the American Lawyer he keeps a steady pace and strives to bill 10 hours a day. He arrives at the office by 7 a.m. and remains there for at least 12 hours. He works at home after dinner. And he typically works on weekends.”

Read: Self-proclaimed workaholic billed 3,600 hours last year at ABA Journal – Daily News

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