How To Get Recruiters and Jobs to Come to You

Get Recruiters and Jobs to Come To You

A slideshow detailing strategies to get recruiters and jobs to come to you. If you are looking for in-house counsel jobs you already may be doing some of these, but it’s always a good idea to inventory your efforts and supplement them where applicable. Working with a good legal recruiter can help.

“You are your own brand, and you need to build that brand and promote it as much as possible. It is important that you start building your brand online, because this is where employers are going to be looking for potential employees,” suggests Dima Midon, an expert from TrafficBox.

Use all of the online tools at your disposal, particularly LinkedIn, which is a professional network that allows you to really promote yourself as a professional, and someone who is an expert in your field. This is a great tool for job seekers. Make sure that you keep your profile up to date, especially when it comes to contact information, so when an employer searches you, they will be able to contact you if they are interested in learning more.”

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