Undecided about a Legal Career Move? Grab a Pen and Paper!

Undecided About a Legal Career Move

If you are undecided about a legal career move, check out Amy Goldstein’s article. She is the founder of Grayson Allen, Inc., a New York based attorney search and career consulting firm, and has been providing career advice and recruiting attorneys for in-house and law firm positions since 2000. Remember, sometimes you have to stop fixating on your dream job and just get a better job!

“When deciding to make any type of change in your career, it is easy to be overwhelmed by the questions that may come to mind….Is in-house the path I want to pursue? Would I be better off staying at a firm? If I stay at a firm, should I stay at my firm or find a firm that may be a better fit?…I could fill the page. We all toss around questions of both great importance and minor detail as we contemplate leaving the job we know for the great unknown.  However, these questions should not be used as an excuse to stay put.  If you are not happy, or are somewhat happy but wonder what else is out there, you owe it to yourself to think about what is not satisfying about your current role.”

Read: Undecided about a Career Move? Grab a Pen and Paper! — Grayson Allen – Attorney Search Consultants/Career Consultants

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