Lawyers: Get Ready for Blockchain

Still using a flip-phone? Was the last big thing in tech you remember Y2K? Lawyers, get ready for blockchain:

“Blockchain technology is a topic that interests me greatly. It also is a favorite topic of my occasional co-author, Gwynne Monahan (often better known as @econwriter5 on Twitter)…The result is an article Gwynne and I wrote called “Lawyers Get Ready, There’s a Blockchain Coming.” It’s partly an introduction to blockchain. It’s partially a look at what a lawyer’s duty to technological competence might mean in the context of a specific new technology. And it’s partially a playbook for how a lawyer might want to practically get ready for and get up to speed on a new technology that might have a significant impact. Our goal was to take a new and unique perspective on blockchains and their potential impact on law, law practice and lawyers. And I think that we succeeded.”

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