DoNotPay App Lets You Sue Anyone By Pressing a Button

Sue Anyone

Sue anyone with a click? Now we are making progress. Enough with the mindfulness apps. We must sue often and early lest we be left behind in this litigious world. Wait a minute, in-house counsel, who is developing the app that can file a motion for summary judgment with a swipe left?

“Some of the biggest barriers preventing people from filing lawsuits in small claims court are the time and money that it takes to fight what could be a trivial case, such as winning a parking ticket dispute, getting a rideshare refund, or a refund for late package delivery. But a new, free app promises to let you “sue anyone by pressing a button” and have an AI-powered lawyer fight your case. Do Not Pay, a free service that launched in the iOS App store today, uses IBM Watson-powered artificial intelligence to help people win up to $25,000 in small claims court.”

Read: DoNotPay App Lets You ‘Sue Anyone By Pressing a Button’

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