No Sympathy For The Legal Profession – 7 Reasons Why

No Sympathy For The Legal Profession

There is no sympathy for the legal profession, but why? We’re such a fun amiable lot, surely the reasons why must be grounded in some misconceptions. Read on for some of the possible reasons. 80% of lawyers can dislike lawyers, but the people should show their love!

“The legal profession is a noble one. But is that the impression the public has of lawyers? What images generally come to mind? Let’s start with Noah’s Ark. A biblical theme park called Ark Encounter in Williamstown, Kentucky, is suing its insurers for insufficient coverage of rain-related losses…One news headline read: “Noah’s Ark theme park damaged by heavy rain … and the lawyers come two-by-two.”

…And how does literature treat us? Geoffrey Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales does not even include a lawyer?…William Shakespeare was not much kinder a couple of hundred years later, saying: “Let’s kill all the lawyers.”

Read: 7 reasons why the legal profession often gets no sympathy at ABA Journal – Daily News

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