1 Very Good Reason Not to Negotiate a Job Offer

Negotiate a Job Offer

To negotiate a job offer or not to negotiate a job offer, that is the question. In some circumstances, some would advise against any attempts to negotiate a job offer. Many lawyers will face this question when hunting for in-house counsel jobs or even an offer for a promotion. If you are going to negotiate your salary, make sure you check out an inhouse counsel salaries guide.

“We hear it all the time: Never accept the first offer. Don’t leave money on the table. Push for more. But should you ever not negotiate your salary? Many people don’t. Only 39 percent of people negotiated their last salary, a study by Robert Half found. The 61 percent of people who didn’t negotiate may have been onto something….If it’s already a good offer, Welch says negotiating for a few percent more could damage to your reputation.”

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