How to Answer “Gotcha” Questions in a Legal Job Interview

We’ve all been there – when a legal job interview veers from softball questions to the Inquisition-type gotcha questions that we dread.  Be prepared, and also make sure you are up to speed on other tips that can help you land an in-house counsel job:

“‘Why should we hire you?’ ‘How are you doing academically?’ ‘What are your greatest weaknesses?’ These gotcha-type questions are famous for stopping some job interviewees dead in their tracks, their mouths agape and minds furiously brainstorming a good answer. Provide a good answer, and your chances of landing the job increase. Give a poor answer…well, it’s back to the job search. The key to acing gotcha questions is preparation. You should think about the types of gotcha questions that you’ll be asked and carefully prepare a response that you can give in an unscripted manner to the hiring manager. Here are a few challenging interview questions and strategies on how to answer them without breaking a sweat…”

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