Common Job Interview Questions – Bill Gates’ Cheat Sheet

Common Job Interview Questions

Common job interview questions may result in uncommon or suboptimal answers. Listen to Bill Gates for his thoughts on the topic. For your legal job interview, do your research and get multiple perspectives on topics such as how to answer salary questions, what questions you should be asking at the interview, how to prepare for an in-house interview, and last but not least, how to ace the in-house counsel job interview. Keep in mind that you may be asked questions that are uncommon, unusual and unanticipated. Some interviewers prod and probe to keep you off balance so that they can see how you think on your feet, as this is a quality that is much needed in the in-house legal department where unique questions and projects can arise at any time and without warning.

“There’s no shortage of advice where asking job interview questions is concerned….But there’s a lot less advice available on how to evaluate a candidate’s answers….That’s why Steph Curry asked Bill Gates to pretend he was interviewing for a software engineering job at Microsoft and answer a few…questions. How Gates answers clearly reveals what he thinks is important–and can also help you gain better perspective on how to evaluate candidates for your next job opening.”

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