How To Pull Off The Dreaded Phone Interview

Dreaded Phone Interview
The dreaded phone interview is often the beginning of the hiring process for many companies. It may mark your first human interaction with the company you want to work for, so preparation is necessary. While not having to gear up and head to an interview in person may seem attractive, a phone interview brings its own challenges that you must overcome to reach the next stage in the hiring process. Nervous? At least its not a robo-interview

“Companies are increasingly choosing to use a phone interview at the early stages of screening candidates, before inviting them on-site for in-person interviews. This is a way to efficiently screen through large candidate pools, as the average job has over 250 applicants. Moreover, the phone screen is typically conducted by recruiters, many of whom may be remote, so the phone screen is a good medium to tap into remote talent and reduce the recruiting overhead for the hiring manager.”

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