7 Tips to Improve Your Interviewing Skills

Improve Your Interviewing Skills

What are lawyers if not actors? With training and real-world experience in negotiating and appearing in front of judges and juries, lawyers have skills that should enable them to excel at interviews. But in many cases, lawyers fail miserably. Improve your interviewing skills and increase the chances that you will ace your in-house interview:

“Job interviewing is an act. Yes, you are the actor, and both sides know the rules: You, who are one of the candidates for the position, are doing your best to convince the interviewer you are the ideal candidate. The interviewer, who is the audience, has choices, is an independent thinker and often skeptic and needs evidence and proof before buying everything you want to sell. (Please pardon the mixed metaphor.) The winner in this competition is not only the individual who, on the positive side, has good answers but also the one who, on the negative side, does not make mistakes. So let’s look at both of those issues.”

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