The lone foreign lawyer in Afghanistan

An interesting piece – tied to an upcoming documentary – that illustrates that you never know where your legal career may take you:

“For a supposed do-gooder in one of the world’s most dangerous countries, Kimberley Motley is surprisingly blunt about her original motivations as a legal champion in Afghanistan.  “I came here for the money, just like half the people here. I had no interest in Afghanistan. I didn’t even know where Afghanistan was on a map,” Motley said in the new Al Jazeera America documentary, Motley’s Law, about her work as the first — and still only — foreign lawyer licensed to litigate in Afghanistan’s courts, which include criminal, family and commercial courts.  The half-Korean, half-African-American former Mrs. Wisconsin grew up in a “hard” Milwaukee neighborhood filled with poverty and crime. Hers was also the only mixed-race family in an ethnically tense area. Motley’s decision to work in Afghanistan was motivated in part by wanting a better life for her own three children.”

Read: Beauty and the East: The lone foreign lawyer in Afghanistan at Al Jazeera America

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