GC: Law Firms Not Needed at Business Meetings

One example of why law firms are often referred to as “outside counsel”:

“When Big Law Business has asked general counsel over the last eight months where they’d like to see outside law firms improve, a good chunk of them have given the same answer: “Firms should learn more about our overall business.” Craig Silliman, executive vice president for public policy and general counsel at Verizon, has a different take: “One pitch that you sometimes hear from law firms is, ‘We want to be your strategic partner, we want to sit inside your meetings, we want to get to know the business, etc.,’” he said. “That is what our in-house legal team does. We don’t need outside counsel to do that.””

Read: Verizon GC: We Don’t Need Law Firms At Our Business Meetings | Big Law Business

Photo by markus spiske

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