Care from lawyers turned therapists

Not only do many lawyers see therapists – but many lawyers see therapists who were once lawyers themselves:

“When work became too much for Will Meyerhofer’s client, a twenty-something associate at a big law firm, she slipped into a quiet room in the office. Then she shut the door, pulled down the blinds and started to weep. Through her tears she became dimly aware of a noise coming through the wall: it was a colleague sobbing in the next room…Mr Meyerhofer tells this story to underline the misery that lurks beneath the successful façade of some lawyers.  Based in Tribeca, New York, the former lawyer is a psychotherapist who has carved out a niche seeing clients from the legal profession; some who he counsels over Skype are in Britain, Japan and India. There is a steady stream of anxious, burnt out and depressed lawyers coming to see him, he says.”

Read: Care from lawyers turned therapists at the Financial Times (reg. potentially required)


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