Lifestyle Tips for Disorganized Lawyers

Disorganized Lawyers

Disorganized lawyers do not despair, help is available. Take a listen and get more organized, it will help your life and your practice of the law. Whether you have piles of yellowing paper on your desk from 1992 or found a slice of pizza in a folder from your last deal, help is available, and you can even consider hiring a concierge.

“In this episode of Asked and Answered, professional organizer Janet Taylor speaks with the ABA Journal’s Stephanie Francis Ward to share tips and tricks for finally conquering mounds of paperwork and constantly lost house keys…

If you are interested in hiring an organizer, Taylor advises getting references from someone who has had a project done that is similar to what you want to accomplish.”

Read: Creating Order: Lifestyle tips for disorganized lawyers at ABA Journal – Daily News

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