Metzel: Your View on the Practice of Law will Shape your Legal Career

Sage advice from Andi Metzel that will help shape your legal career:

“….another 294 lawyer members were admitted to the Indiana bar. Amidst the celebrations of surviving the bar exam and outpouring of pride for our freshly minted colleagues, it occurred to me that certain harsh realities may lurk in the minds of those new lawyers. To be fair, these same vexing issues also frustrate “seasoned” lawyers (like me) in private practice, and concern members of the judiciary, bar associations and political thought-leaders who genuinely believe in and serve as champions for the future of our legal profession…So I challenge you to consider — early in your career — how you perceive the practice of law. This process may impact your career decisions and the manner in which you choose or choose not to utilize your legal education.”

Read: Metzel: Your view on the practice of law will shape your career | The Indiana Lawyer

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