What to Expect When Moving to an In-House Counsel Position

In-House Counsel Position

In-house counsel positions are always in demand, but do in-house job-seekers know what to expect? If you are moving to an in-house counsel position, you want to make your new job your home. Princeton Legal Search Group gives their thoughts on in-house life. As they note, compensation can be lower, but company culture and your day to day business-centric focus may be a welcome change.

“A major part of the recruiting work we do at Princeton Legal Search Group is focused on growing in house legal departments and helping our clients find talented in-house counsel… fortunately, we are often successful in ensuring that our candidates find the right in-house role for them…Yet, there are some differences to in-house counsel work that fall outside the gaze of the proverbial ‘rose-colored glasses.’  Indeed, it is important to have a realistic picture of life on the in-house side of things to ensure that you know what you are getting when you eventually do land that in-house counsel job.”

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