Do You Act Like a Lawyer With Family and Friends?

Act Like a Lawyer

Do you act like a lawyer all the time? As they say, once a lawyer, always a lawyer. Unless you are disbarred. Or win the lottery and surrender your license. How many of you bring your much-welcomed legal analysis and tone to the dinner table, family outings, sporting events, holidays, weddings and funerals? If you always act like a lawyer, will you be able to avoid burnout and be the best lawyer you can be?

“Lawyers are often taught in their careers to develop proper communication, analytical and research skills; to be able to pay attention to detail; and to have plenty of resilience and self-confidence. But sometimes your lawyer tendencies show themselves in your home and personal life. In your spare time, you may find yourself doing background checks on people, questioning your children like they’re on the witness stand, or even demolishing a family member in a debate at the dinner table. This week, we’d like to ask: Do you act like a lawyer with your family and friends? If so, do you think it’s helped or harmed your relationships with others? Answer in the comments on our social media channels via Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.”

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