The Battle for Talent in the Legal Market

Battle for Talent

The battle for talent is being fiercely fought in the legal market, with thousands of in-house counsel jobs open and even General Counsel job openings appearing in far greater numbers than previously seen. Who will come out as winners of this legal tug of war – Biglaw, accounting firms, in-house legal departments, the public sector and non-profits are all vying for the same limited pool of qualified attorneys.

“A battle is underway for talent in the legal market…We read regularly about the battle to hire fresh legal talent from law school. What else explains the recent bump in first year associate salaries. Whether law school rank and grades are a proxy for legal talent is irrelevant here. Law firms clearly treat that battle as one for legal talent. But law firms seek more than just legal talent. The battle for lateral partner talent garners – for now – the most press. Query if that is legal talent war or just a battle for rainmakers?”

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