These 5 Time-Wasters are Killing your Job Search

Killing Your Job Search

Don’t shoot yourself in the foot – wasting time is the best way to go about killing your job search. For in-house counsel jobs or even General Counsel jobs, you have to work methodically and quickly and use all the tools at your disposal, from job boards to recruiters to networking.

“Job searches always take time but don’t have to waste time. As a time management coach, I’ve worked with many job seekers who stick to whatever feels safe and comfortable instead of doing what’s effective, only to find their job searches stretching on for an eternity. But in my experience, making your job search more efficient starts with recognizing these five signs that you’re wasting time….Searching for a job, especially if you’ve been searching for a long time, can leave you feeling helpless. But recognizing these five time-wasters and committing to shaking up your approach can speed things up considerably, helping you land the right job in significantly less time.”

Read: These 5 time-wasters are killing your job search at FastCompany

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