When You Are Told You Are Too Old

you are too old

It’s clear to many senior lawyers looking for a new job that their age may be getting in the way. Without coming out and saying it directly, interviewers often “telegraph” that they believe you are too old for the position. Thanks to the Lawyer Whisperer, you can prepare yourself for ageist questioning and teach a young whippersnapper interviewer just how valuable you can be. With the tight labor market and copious high-level in-house counsel jobs available, you may be surprised to find that you are more in demand than you think.

“In today’s society and professional world, the “ism” is still alive and kicking. And Ageism is no exception. With breakthroughs in Western medicine and the increased use of Eastern Medicine, plastic surgeons, better diets and exercise, people are living longer and looking better as they age…For many “seasoned” lawyers (those in their late 40’s to mid 60’s), a new worry occupies their plates: Am I too old to be marketable? How can I compete in a market that seems to be so focused on twenty and thirty-somethings? These seasoned lawyers are healthy, feel great and look great too….they have a lot to offer many employers. But not every employer sees it that way.”

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