The Growth Potential Of Lawyers

growth potential

As a lawyer, you should take the time to assess your own growth potential and map out your near, mid and long-term goals and objectives. Fortunately the kind folks at Princeton Legal Search Group have written an insightful piece, and one that all lawyers interested in maximizing their growth potential should read. Whether you are already a GC or CLO and looking to propel your career trajectory to even greater heights, or a first-time in-house counsel just getting their feet wet, planning is key and setting aside time to do it is crucial.

“Over the course of your legal career, you should be aware of career paths available to you and have a general sense of what your current opportunity can offer. Does the opportunity fulfill one or part of your career objectives? The career ladder has collapsed and been replaced by the career lattice or if you prefer, “jungle gym”. So how do you navigate? A large portion of long-term career happiness is based on advancement, challenges, and goal attainment. The potential for career advancement is a significant motivator. Your actions, decisions and performance will help you achieve those goals. So, how do you know if you are on the right track or need to re-evaluate? How can you assess your own potential for growth and advancement efforts?”

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