GCs and CLOs: Accelerate Career Growth and Job Search

GCs and CLOs

GCs and CLOs often have the need, the need for speed. And by that we don’t mean cheesy references to the Top Gun sequel, but a real need to accelerate career growth and job search. Segal Coaching has nine tips to assist – and many are just as applicable to lawyers of all stripes, whether in-house or Biglaw lawyers and at varying levels of seniority. GCs and CLOs, and all attorneys, should also consider listening to advice from successful GCs.

“Many of my clients are Chief Legal Officers or General Counsel at public or private companies who want to know how to (1) expand the growth runway in their current role and/or (2) find a new role that better suits their growth trajectory. Often these two goals go hand-in-hand, especially if you can initiate further career-enhancing opportunities within your current organization while opportunistically being open to new roles externally. In other words, often it behooves you to do both: look for internal and external opportunities rather than rigidly treating internal growth and job search as an either/or proposition.”

Read: Nine Ways to Accelerate Your Career Growth and Job Search as a Chief Legal Officer or General Counsel at Segal Coaching

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