How to Break Up with Your Job

Break Up With Your Job

How to break up with your job? Yes, you heard that right, and you know that breaking up can be hard to do. But breaking up with your job may be a necessity, even though you feel comfortable and things are stable. With one of the hottest hiring markets on record, you may need to make a move to another in-house counsel job or even leap to a General Counsel job to ensure long term career success. Learn how to break up with your job the right way.

“Once you know a job isn’t right for you, it’s time to move on to the next better position. Here’s how to leave your place of employment without burning any bridges. According to The Balance Careers website, some of the top reasons that employees quit their job relate directly to the employer. Employers don’t always support the career goals of the employee, for instance, and sometimes the culture of the employer isn’t a good fit for the employee. Or employees feel frustrated with the poor leadership and lack of vision of the organizations. If you’re feeling frustrated at work, these signs might be familiar to you. If so, it’s time to make the break for good. Your breakup has to be strategic, so I want you to put your job hustler hat on and break up with your job fearlessly but softly.”

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