Legal Job Offers – Are They Final?

legal job offers

Legal job offers – in this hot market they are flying fast and furious and many candidates are fortunate to have multiple suitors and opportunities at all levels, from mid-level in-house counsel jobs to GC and CLO jobs. But when is a legal job offer final?

“I just received an offer and the hiring manager said it was the best he could do and that this was a “final offer”. Is he telling the truth – or should I propose a counteroffer? The offer stage of an interview process can be tricky. Each professional enters the dynamic with his/her own set of beliefs and ideas as well as a strategy for how to best navigate the negotiation waters. Employers vary in their approach to extending offers. Some leave themselves “wiggle room” in anticipation of a counteroffer; others, who are uncomfortable in this phase, may short-circuit it with a hard line attitude on the numbers, but can be moved; and finally others put their very best…and final foot forward. For candidates, it can be a difficult task to read the tea leaves and determine the best move forward.”

Read: How to tell when a “Final Offer” is really final. at The Lawyer Whisperer

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