Be Honest with Your Legal Recruiter

Be Honest With Your Legal Recruiter

Be honest with your legal recruiter and the relationship will bear significant dividends. If you are on the hunt trying to find an in-house counsel job, working with a legal recruiter should be a critical part of your strategy. Legal recruiters not only know how to position you most effectively, but they often know about jobs that never hit job boards. You should work to build a long term relationship with your legal recruiter, and that relationship needs to be built on honesty and trust. Even if your job search takes you in a different direction, a legal recruiter you’ve worked with may contact you down the road with an opening for a plum job that you are a great fit for. Be honest with your legal recruiter and set yourself up for career success and opportunities you wont find elsewhere.

“Are you open and honest with your recruiter? I mean really, really honest. Open about realities that you might not feel comfortable sharing with a hiring manager during interviews, like the real reason you want to change jobs. Or, honest about the simple fact that the position your recruiter recommended you for isn’t something you’re actually interested in. Recently, my team worked with a candidate who had two exciting offers on the table, one that came through Lucas Group’s placement services and another that came independent of us. I sensed the candidate preferred the second option – the one that didn’t come through us – but was reluctant to tell me this. I knew he appreciated our help working to place him, and, now that he was serious about another offer, he was worried that he’d disappoint us. Here’s the truth: if you’re honest with me, I’ll never be disappointed in you.”

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