Navigate The Corporate Lattice, Don’t Climb the Corporate Ladder

In-House Counsel Interviews

It’s the sign of the times – career progression means navigating the corporate lattice, not trying to keep climbing the corporate ladder without success. Read on for the full analysis by the Princeton Legal Search Group. And if you have career bumps, rebound resiliently!

““Climbing the corporate ladder” was always the plan, right?  You would land that law firm or in-house counsel job, and then put your nose to the grindstone and slowly advance through the ranks to partner or general counsel.  Well, as you have likely discovered, staying in one place and going rung by rung up the proverbial corporate ladder is not always the ticket to success. For one thing, the predictable movement upward in an organization is not a given, as it once was for the Baby Boomer generation.  In fact, for all of the Millennials and Gen-X-ers out there, the path to reaching your career goals is less about the corporate ladder, and more about navigating the “corporate lattice.”…So, do not be afraid to face the unique lateral moves and even downward jumps as you move through the lattice towards success.  In the end, you will know you followed your heart, and your career, and your life will be the better for it.”

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