Why You Didn’t Get The Job Offer: 5 Mistakes, 5 Solutions

Get The Job Offer

Get the job offer and don’t be left out in the cold. Applying for a job, preparing for the interview(s) and waiting are hard enough, but being left empty-handed at the end of the process can be crushing. Are you selling your value to your potential employer? If not, you may be waiting a long time before you land the job you want. And if you don’t get a job offer, bounce back!

You interviewed, you thought you did well, and then – no offer. The cycle repeats: a promising interview and then no offer. What’s going wrong? Sometimes another candidate is simply more qualified or a better fit with the company’s team. Other times, however, it comes down to this simple truth: you failed to articulate your value beyond your fixed cost (salary and bonus). I’m in my fourteenth year recruiting and I’ve placed over 150 investment professionals, CFOs and CEOs at private equity companies, private debt companies and investment banks. The candidates who get the offer are the ones who sell their prospective employer on their value. These are the candidates who have concrete examples of how they’ve made money, saved money, or improved a process– proving their value. These are five common mistakes that can derail an interview and five easy solutions to get back on track, sell your value and land the offer….”

Read: Why You Didn’t Get the Job Offer: 5 Mistakes, 5 Solutions at YourCareerIntel (Lucas Group)

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