Didn’t Get The Job? Bounce Back

Didn't Get the Job

If you didn’t get the job you were pining for, keep it moving and learn from the experience. There are record numbers of in-house counsel and even General Counsel job openings and with perseverance you will find your place.

“Every once in a while, there comes along a fabulous job and you want that job so bad you can taste it. You are excited because finally there is this great position with your name written all over it. That was exactly what was going on for Tom when he found this opportunity…He really wanted this job. It took time to get ready for this full-day…visit where he would meet with five different people….He was as prepared as you could get, or so he thought….He was convinced he’d get to the short list and land this job. He did not. He was pretty angry after all the time and effort he had invested. Unfortunately, there will be times when you won’t get the job…..Keep in mind job hunting is a marathon, not a sprint. You will find and land a new job but you have to keep applying and that means you need to have the motivation to keep looking. A positive mindset is a key to your success.”

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